Roboter-Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi

Roboter Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi - 2019

I wouldn’t admit that the new Acer Iconia A 700 tablet stutters. It stutterts sometimes more and sometimes less. You can see the stuttering while watching YouTube videos. Even when you start an app or navigate inside an app. For me it looks like 10 years back than the graphic cards where too weak to render the picture for e.g. Doom3. The usability isn’t so smooth like I feel the usability on my Samsung Galaxy S3. If I compare my SGS3, SGS2 and the Acer Iconia a700 when reading a PDF the Acer Iconia A700 is very slow. The SGS3 and SGS2 do not have such a hihg resolution and maybe this is the reason why they are smoother but watch my video.

Acer ICONIA Tablet A700 - ruckeln

Acer ICONIA Tablet A700 – ruckeln

Reading a PDF on the Acer Iconia A700

This is the video where you can see the comparison between the SGS2, SGS2 and Acer Iconia A700. The pdf file I used is the manual from my Canon G1x. I installed on all three devices the same version of the adobe pdf reader.
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The PDF file I used is available for download from the canon homepage: psg1x-cug-c-en-web

I hope you saw the stutter in the video I mentioned.

Update Acer Iconia A700

As you can read in the internet Acer works on an update for the Acer Iconia A700 to fix the stutter and temperature problems. Unfortunately you can’t read anything on the Acer homepage about the update. Allegedly the problems are caused by the high resultion of the used display. But I think it is an software problem and not a hardware problem.


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