I bought the Sony CS 1 GPS Logger in order to log the geographical position of my holiday pictures. I already have some experience in geologgin so that I want to share my experience with this Geologger. Included in delivery:

  • 1 x Sony CS 1 GPS Logger
  • 1 x carabiner
  • 1 x USB cabel
  • 2 x manual
  • 1 x CD
  • GPS Image Tracker Software for Windows
  • Sony Picture Utility Update Program

I do not have a Sony cyber Shot Camera and therewith also not the Sony Picture Software. But as the Log is saved within the CS1 GPS Tracker I do not have any problem because the Tracker can be used like a USB stick. The most important aspect is that the Logger works very precises. Therefore I went to a beach volleyball place that can be easily found in Google Earth. It takes a while until the logger has a signal – I was not used to that as my Sirf Star3 finds the GPS signal after a few seconds.

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Test Beach Volleyball:

I took a picture from each corner of the beach volleyball place.

Test Park bench:

I had a rest on a park bench for about 15 minutes. Therewith I wanted to see how precise the logger is.


After my walk I connected the Sony CS1 Tracker to my Computer and it was automatically recognized by my computer so that I could copy the Log File to my computer. I imported the log file and the pictures to the GPS image tracker software. For some pictures I got an error message probably because the logger lost the GPS signal.

Unfortunately I could not link the pictures to google maps without the Sony Oicture Utility Software. Anyhow after saving the pictures the GPS coordinates have been saved in the EXIF Tag of the pictures so that I used Picasa 2 and the recommended update. Within tools I selected geotag and “view in google earth”.

Unfortunately the 4 pictures of the beach volleyball place are not localized at the 4 corners. They are a few meters away but reflect the quadrat of the beach place. The happens with the pictures of the park bench. I took 6 pictures within 15 minutes there, but all of them are spread within a couple of meters. However the Sony CS1 is a nice and small geo logger. But if you want to have a precise logger I would not recommend this device.



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