Build your own robot car with the Raspberry Pi!

Build your own robot car with the Raspberry Pi!

Before you start writing the thesis a few settings should be made:

First of all the thesis should be divided into different sections. The first page usually differs a lot from the other pages. Moreover you probably might have a different numbering in different sections (depending on the requirements of your university). Therefore different sections allow you to have a different formatting, e.g. different content in the header and footer.

To set a section break select “page layout” and the button “breaks”. I would recommend to start a new section on a new page so that you choose the option “Next Page”

Insert section break

Insert section break

In the next chapter a description shows you how an individual style sheet can be set up to get an automatic table of contents.

2. Create an individual style sheet in Word to get an automatic table of contents

Further chapters:

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3. Insert the header with a StyleRef formula to display heading and chapter number automatically

4. Inserting the page number in the footer – different numbering in the different break sections

5. Creating an automatic table of figures

6. Free download of a Word 2010 style sheet for Bachelor thesis, Master’s thesis, dissertation



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