WD TV Live HD – Wlan

after I have moved into a new apartment it was not possible to connect by wire my mediaplayer. The only solution was to connect the WD TV live HD mediaplayer with a w-lan adapter with my homenetwork. But first off all I had to find the right w-lan adapter for my network and for the WD TV live HD mediaplayer. More about this in the following test report.

The first try was to connect the Western Digital mediaplayer with an old telecom speedport W500 router with my homenetwork. After a few tries I was able to connect the dsl router as a repeater with my w-lan homenetwork. But the transfer rate was so slow that the WD mediaplayer was not able to play back youtube videos. There was also the problem with a second device ( the odd router ) which wasn’t nice to be placed in the living room.

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