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HI8 digitizing

in the following article “Video 8 digitizing” I will exchange my experience on how to digitize 20 year old analog HI8 ( 8mm ) movies in the year 2011. I will also explain my configuration and used devices to digitize the 8mm magnetic tapes. My goal was to capture the movies by my own. I decided to capture the movies by my own because the offers I found in the internet were to expensive for me. I had up to 40 tapes for digitizing. The main configuration consists out of the following devices which I bought for digitizing the old tapes:

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MTS file converter – AVCHD

The mts file video format is used by many video cameras. My sony HXR-MC1P helmetcam is also using the AVCHD MTS file format. AVCHD stands for “Advanced Video Codec High Definition“. However the problem is to edit the MTS movie files. To avoid quality losses I didn’t want to convert the MTS AVCHD movie files into e.g. a MPEG2 files.

The problem I had with the MTS file was that I could’t edit it on a MAC, Linux or even a Windows computer. I also had the problem to watch the recorded movie on a normal computer with a single core 2 GHz CPU. The only solution to watch the movie was a sony software player I installed on my windows computer. With this player I was able to watch the movie on my PC. On a MAC oder Linux computer I hat to convert the movie into e.g. a MP4 ( *mov) file to watch it. But since the computers are faster I had no problems to play back the mts files with the video lan player (VLC).

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