Build your own robot car with the Raspberry Pi!

Build your own robot car with the Raspberry Pi!

With the firmware update of the VIO POV1 helmet camera it will support 8GB SD cards. However I also tried to use a 16GB SD Card and it also worked but those are not officially supported so that its your own risk to use it. All current firmware updates can be found here:
VIO Homepage

Recording time:

4GB – 169 minutes – 2 hr 50 min

8GB – 345 minutes – 5 hr 45 min

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Firmware update:

  • Download the new firmware update here:
  • Copy the *.elf file to your SDHC card
  • Avoid that the card will be overwritten by pushing the small button down.
  • Put the card into the VIO POV1
  • Press the settings button left to the REC button.
  • Restart the VIO POV1 and as soon as the red light is blinking you can stop pressing the setting button.
  • Afterwards the lamp blinks 2 times and the firmware update is done.
  • Anschließend blinkt die Lampe 2x kurz auf. Jetzt ist das Firmware Update fertig.
  • You can check the firmware version in the VIO POV menue

If you need support here is the link to the official VIO POV support:


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