Roboter-Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi

Roboter Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi

Now “Google Drive” is available and I installed the app on my Samsung Galaxy S2. In this little review I will explain how good the app works on my SGS2. Google Drive is a new rival to the known Cloud services like Dropbox. Google Drive is very good integrated into the Google services / Apps and the usability is very good. Google Drive does not only offers a free 5GB online space but also a variety of new functions. For excample Google Docs is now integrated into Google Drive. The known functions from Google Docs are now available in Google Dirve.

The following picture shows Google Drive on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (at the moment I have only german pictures). For those who are using an Apple Smartphone an iOS app will be available soon.

Google Drive - Menü

Google Drive - Menü


Important for me is that I can upload all kinds of file types into the cloud and the files are accessible from anywhere. With Google Drive I can use any kind of internet-capable device to access my files. I am using my Google account on a multiplicity devices and all files are synced and accessable. The 5GB cloud storage is free.

For a little test I uploaded a few Excel files and pictures on my account and played around with the functions. It is possible to share files and the changes on the files are logged. If a file is changed the latest version is saved. But with the logging function it is possible to reset the changes. You have the file history for 30 days and during thie 30 days aour are able to reset the changes to a previous version.

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This is the homepage URL from Google Drive: Google Drive

File Upload

The file upload is very easy. I pressed the picture button on the first menu and selected over the next menu the upload function for a picture. The next screenshot shows that you are able to rename the picture and to start the upload by pressing the “OK” button. Afterwards the picture will be uploaded into your Google Drive.

Google Drive - Datei upload

Google Drive - Datei upload

Share option

It is also possible to share files with your friends. With the option menu for a single file you are able to select a friend or colleague with whom you will share the file. The next screenshot shows the menu with which you are able to set the file rights.

Google Drive - Mitarbeiter hinzufügen

Google Drive - Mitarbeiter hinzufügen


I was lucky and got an account immediately with out a waiting list. On the fly I can say that I like Google Drive and it is a very cool App. The App works perfect ony my Samsung Galaxy S2.

But I also have a first problem with Google Drive. The problem is that I have no chance to leave the menu screen you will see on the next screenshot. I deleted the app and installed it once again but I am trapped in this screen and I have no way back to the first menu screen with the icons for the Google Drive functions.

If have an answer wheather Google Drive had a problem or I made a mistake I will inform you here.

Google Drive - Problem

Google Drive - Problem


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