Between the three top smartphones the HTC One, the Sony Xperia Z and the Galaxy S4 I decided to buy the S4. I had the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 so it was easy for me to find the decision. The reason why I bougth the Samsung S4 is, that the Galaxy Note 2 is to big. I does not really fit into my trouser pockets. The display of the S4 is smaller but with the high resolution it shoud be good enough to read news and my social streams as comfortable as with my Note 2.

About all the technical stuff of the S4 I will write a extra post.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Design und processing:

All smartphones do the the essential funtions like navigation and to phone equally well. For this reason a very good design is important for me. The phone should be ergonomic and the usability of the buttons like the on / off button should be good. For me the hardware and the design is one major partd in which the manufacturer are capable to differ their products. The design of the S4 is very similar to the design of my Note 2. The S4 has less sharps then the S3 and the S4 feels very good in my hands. The next pictures shows the from the left to the right the S3, the S4 and the Galaxy Note 2.

The sound of the S4 during playing a game or watching a video is very good. As you could see on the picture the loadspeaker of the S4 is much bigger then the load speaker of the S3. The loadspeaker of the S4 is located on the bottom of the phone like the one in my Note 2.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - comparison S3 Note2 S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 – comparison S3 Note2 S4

The picture shows how the shape of the S4 which looks like the one of the Note 2. If you look from the side the body of the S4 is not so round like the body of the S3. The the case of the SGS 4 is flat and fits better in your pockets.

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I placed the three smartphones side by side to compare how thick they are. From the left to the right you see my Note 2, in the middle my S4 and on the right the S3.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - comparison Note 2 S4 S3 Dicke

Samsung Galaxy S4 – comparison Note 2 S4 S3 Dicke

The processing and the used materials of the Galaxy S4 are good but not more. The buttons on the case like the On / Off or  Volume up Volume down button do not really have a pressure point. The haptic perception of the buttons is not so good as I expect. The display is placed very precisely into the case below the glass. The gap size is very precise and I have nothing to complain about.


The SGS 4 fits very good in my hand an the reworked case design which is now flatter as the one of the S3. Is the changeover from the S3 to the S4 the money worth? My personal opionion is that everybody should have a look on the HTC One and Sony Xperiy Z. But the Galaxy S4 convince with lots new software functions I will write about in my next posts.


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