I really like my Samsung Galaxy S2 anyhow I also wanted to have the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on my Smartphone to see what new features come with it. The “GINGERBREAD 2.3.4” is very old and and I do not want to wait any longer until the update is available about Samsung KIES. I want to see the new “User Interface”, the new “Task Manager” and the “Face Unlock” function instead of a pin code. One feature which is very cool is the “Speak now” function.

I will describe step by step how I updated my Samsung Galaxy S2:

Custom Rom XXLPB Test

I will describe how the update to Android 4.0 is possible without using Samsung KIES. Two steps are necessary:

1. Step: Get root access to you SGS2

2. Step: Get custom rom (that is the Android 4.0) up and running

The result is this:

Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich - About phone

Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich – About phone

1. Part: Samsung Galaxy S2 rooten

I alread wrote an articel about how to get your SGS2 in the root mode:

How to root your Samsung GalaxyS2

2. Part: Installing Android 4.0.3 – Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

This part explaines who to get a custom rom e.g. ICS 4.0.3 XXLPB installed on a SGS2. Precondition is to have root access and to have CWM installed (see manual in part 1). Furthermore you have to delete all data – and I recommend to save your data in advance.

Download custom rom XXLPB

First you have to download the custom rom GT-I9100_WanamLite.XXLPB.Deodexed.Stock.NO-WIPE.zip.

Download the XXLPB ROM from here.

Installation manual:

  1. Download the custom rom (GT-I9100_WanamLite.XXLPB.Deodexed.Stock.NO-WIPE.zip) and save it on the SD Card of your SGS2
  2. Restart your smartphone with CWM (click “ClockWorkMod” within CWM) in the recovery mode
  3. Make a backup of your data!
  4. Delete all data with wipe data /factory reset, Wipe cache partition and wipe cache (you will find them in the menue – scroll with your volume control)
  5. Select the downloaded custom rom (GT-I9100_WanamLite.XXLPB.Deodexed.Stock.NO-WIPE.zip) on your SD Card. Confirm that you will flash your smartphone on your own risk.
  6. Restart your smartphone

Now you have to reconfigure your smartphone and afterwards you can use Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich!

First experieneces:

I read a lot about ICS and the new features sound great. An update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 is overdue as it is one of the most selling smartphones in the world. With installing Android 4.0 I do not have major problems and I really like the new functionalities. I described all the new features in a further articel that you will find here.
However sometime the software update seems to be a little bit instable. But as there is no official information if an update via Samsung KIES is available I will not downgrade to Android 2.3.6 anymore – the pros outweigh the cons!


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