Canopus ADVC 110

In the last five years I had some video digitizing projects. I want to share these experiences here in my blog. I digitized Super8, Video8, HI8 and VHS material. The Video8, HI8 and VHS tapes I digitized with my Canopus ADVC 110 Advanced Digital Video Converter. I will point out the devices I used for digitizing the tapes and how I transfered them on my computer.

Why I bought a Canopus ADVC 110 is easily explained. It is an Andwanced digitizier and offers all functions you need to get a very good result. Another advantage is that it is not so expensive and you will find it on e.g. ebay. It digitize video and audio at the same time. Thus, the audio and video stream are in sync.

The Canopus ADVC110 uses a 6 pin FireWire cable. Thus, an extra power supply isn’t necessary… My Mac mini recognized the ADVC 110 and together with iMovie09 I could start importing the tapes.

The Canopus ADVC 110 is supported by MAC OS and Windows. The Canopus is supported by all common video editing programs and it is the perfect choice for digitizing old Video8. HI8 and VHS tapes. I digitized 20 Video8 tapes and with the ADVC 110 I had a digital video converter which made no problems at all. The Canopus offers Bi-directional Analog / Digital Video Conversion. The Canopus ADVC 110 uses it’s one codec together with the audio lock. This menas that the video and audio are in sync. With other video capture cards I made the experience that video and audio are somethimes not in sync. I also had color problems with cheap video crads I used in my PC. With the Canopus I did not have all these problems.

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Video Formats*
* NTSC: 720×480 @ 29.97fps
* PAL/SECAM: 720×576 @ 25fps
* ADVC110 accepts SECAM video input only.

Audio Formats:
* 2-channel 48kHz 16-bit
* 2-channel 32kHz 12-bit
Digital Video Input/Output:
* 1 x 4-pin FireWire (100Mbps)
* 1 x 6-pin FireWire (100Mbps)
Analog Video Input:
* 1 x S-Video (4-pin miniDIN)
* 1 x composite (RCA)
Analog Video Output:
* 1 x S-Video (4-pin miniDIN)
* 1 x composite (RCA)
Analog Audio Input (unbalanced):
* 1 x stereo (RCA)
Analog Audio Output (unbalanced):
* 1 x stereo (RCA)
Power Source
* IEEE 1394 bus powered or DC5V from EIAJ#2 DC jack
Power Usage
* 4.5W

Minimum System Requirements:
Note: A video capture card or OHCI FireWire connection is required to capture DV.

Windows PC
* Windows 2000 (SP3), Windows XP Home/Professional (SP1 or higher)
* DirectX 8.0 or higher

* Mac OS X (10.1 or later)


The Canopus is worth the money. The device made no problems and it was very easy to use. The quality and result was excellent. I finished the digitizing project very fast and without any problems.


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