Build your own robot car with the Raspberry Pi!

Build your own robot car with the Raspberry Pi!

Today a firmware update for my Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T Tablet was available. I got the message on my tablet that an update is available. The popup screen showed the option to postpone the update for a few hours. But I was only able to postpone the update once. After 3 hours the pop up comes once again and at this moment I installed the firmware update. The only option was to cancel the update or to click it into the background. But I installed it after the second message.

Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T Firmware Update

Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T Firmware Update

The kernel version before the update was the version android@Mars #1. Now, after the update my tablet has the kernel version android@Mercury #1 installed. The firmware has now the version. I did not released any changes so fare. The tablet works very well before the update and also after the update.
All changes are explained on the ASUS homepage. The information below is from the following link: Asus 

Major Changes:

  1. Camera Related: A. Fix random display flickering issue when waking up the device to camera preview screen after a period of time in sleep mode. B. Fix: For certain 3rd party APs utilizing built-in camera function, when entering suspend mode in the camera preview screen of those APs, randomly there will pop up a message “Cannot Connect Camera” after unlocking to the camera function in unlock screen.
  2. Display Related A. Fix random display flickering issue when using Firefox to browse certain websites. B. Fix random display flickering issue after waking up the device from sleep mode. C. Fix random display flickering issue when playing certain YouTube videos in portrait mode.
  3. Improve the connective compatibility between TF700T and PC/Laptop
  4. Fix the random audio smaller output volume issue on certain devices.

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New Features:

  • Camera F/W upgrade to 0xB03100
  • Update GMS(Google Mobile Service) to 4.0_r2
  • Play Store 3.5.16
  • Play Books 2.4.3
  • Play Movies 1.4.11
  • Maps 6.6.0
  • Google+ 2.5.0
  • StreetView
  • Stability fix for Google Talk video chat

After I installed the update the tablet rebooted. The first message I saw was that the update will be installed. The second explained that 62 optimizations will the installed. The reboot and installation toke a while. I think it toke about 8 minutes. After this installation process the tablet worked very well.

The android version is the same one. It is the version 4.0.3. I am looking forward for the android version 4.1 Jelly Bean. I hope it will be available soon for the Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T.



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