Roboter-Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi

Roboter Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi - 2019
Today I installed ForeverMap europe on my samsung galaxy S 2 cellphone.  ForeverMap is an offline gps navigation app on android. I decided to install the lite version because it is for free. For navigation with ForeverMapo you do not need  cellphone contract with a data flatrate. The reason is that you can download for free the maps and use them offline. This is important for me because I am planning a road trip through florida at dezember 2011.
foreverMap Europe

foreverMap Europe

foreverMap Lite

For the follwing report I did a small trip to a mall near munich and did a few screenshots from skobbler ForeverMap. The lite version of  is for free and the only difference to the full version is that the download of the maps isn’t very fast. I reached only 60 K/s. But the map only has to be downloaded once. ForeverMap and foreverMap lite isn’t realy a navigation app. It only shows a map, calculates a route but do not give you any audio advice how to drive. It feels like google maps on your smart phone but you can use ist offline.

the map details

The map you see is from the open street map project. For navigation it shows every detail you need to reach your destination. The landscape details are very high and the roads a very detailed too. You see every corner or xing on the map. The route is marked as a blue line in the map like in the picture below.

[sam_zone id=”2″ codes=”true”]

On the left you see the OpenStreetMap map and on the right side the google map.

foreverMap details
foreverMap details



You see every road and this not only at big cities but also in a small village. This picture was taken near munich.



My summary

ForeverMap is a ver cool gps navigation app for android powered smartphones. It is for free and the map details are good enough to reach your destination. The download of the maps istn’t very fast but you only habe to download the maps once a time. For europe I needed approx. 1 GB storige of my internal memory.


Ich lebe in Bayern nahe München. In meinem Kopf habe ich immer viele Themen und probiert gerade im Bereich Internet neue Medien viel in meiner Freizeit aus. Ich schreibe an dem Blog da es mir Spaß macht über die Dinge zu berichten die mich begeistern. Ich freue mich über jeden Kommentar, über Anregung aber auch über Fragen.

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