I bought the Multimedia docking station – EDD-S20jwegsta for my Galaxy Note 2. I wrote an experience report about the smart dock in my Blog. Certainly the Samsung Smart Dock doesn’t convince me. I have bought a HDTV adapter for my Galaxy Note 2 too. With the adapter I am able to connect my Note 2 with a TV.

With the HDTV adapter it is possible to connect the Note 2 via HDMI on a TV and to show the screen of the Note 2 on the TV. The adapter is a special micro USB (MHL) cable which makes it possible to watch movies over the Note 2 on your TV. The adapter is available von Samsung and cheap models from other manufacturers. I bought a cheap adapter from Amazon. In the picture below you will see the adapter connected with the Note 2 on my monitor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - microUSB MHL Video Out

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – microUSB MHL Video Out

The full HD picture on the TV looks very good for the cheap 15,- € adapter. The adapter does not provide any additional USB connectors for charging or for a keyboard. Only the Samsung Smart Docks offers additional USB connectors. But it is possible to connect your mouse or keyboard via Bluetooth with the cellphone. If you have connected your mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth you can play for example Angry Birds from your coach without annoying cables crossing the room.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Angry Birds FULL HD

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Angry Birds FULL HD

To rotate the picture in any direction I installed the app “Ultimate Rotation Control” from the android play store. With the app it is possible to turn the screen in any direction I want. The app is free and also a commercial version is available.

Download: Ultimate Rotation Control


As well as the Samsung Smart Dock the cheap microUSB (MHL) adapter transfers the picture from my Note 2 to the TV. For me the cheap microUSB MHL adapter is sufficient. I only need the Note 2 screen on a TV for watching Video or playing a game. I do not need the additional USB connecters the smart dock offers.


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