Roboter-Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi

Roboter Autos mit dem Raspberry Pi - 2019

I just bought the Philips 47PFL 7666K and I tested the NET TV functionality. Fortunately the Philips 7666K has WLAN included so that no additional adapter is necessary. The connection to the WLAN Network is easily set up. Anyhow it takes a while until the NET TV App starts and the response time is sometimes much too long. It remembers me on my old computer from 2001…

Philips Net TV 47PFL7666K

Philips Net TV 47PFL7666K


There are some apps that are really cool like the news app where you can watch the latest news on your TV. There is always a small preview window in the right corner but when you want to go back to watch TV the screen stays black and you only see the small preview window in the right corner.

Philips Net TV Fehler 47PFL7666K

Philips Net TV Fehler 47PFL7666K

The only help is to switch the TV off and on so that you get the full screen back againg.

I also wanted to test the 3D functionality of the TV. Philips promotes a lot the 3D functionality and there have been 2 glasses included to watch 3d movies. As I do not have a Blue Ray Player yet I tried to use NET TV to stream a 3d movie. I tried neary everything to watch a 3d movie via Youttube but it didn’t work. Finally I read in the users manual that NET TV does not support 3d movies.
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I tried a couple of NET TV features but I have to conclude that the software and the entire user interface is not sophisticated at all. The software itself is much too slow and sometimes it breaks down completly and only a TV restart helps. My smartphone offers a lot more functionalities and is much quicker than this TV – of course my smartphone has a Quad Core CPU and is already a small computer but I would expect from a 1000 EUR TV that the software itself is much better. I m looking forward to use the NET TV Software Updates that will be available hopefully soon…

At the moment I only can recommend this TV to watch movies – therefore it is great – but not to use it as a multimedia device.



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